Crop Policy

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Provided that the insured has paid the insurer the premium, then subject to the terms, conditions, exceptions and exclusions contained in or endorsed on this Policy, the insurer agrees to provide cover as described under this Policy for the insured crops, which are specified in the Schedule. The cover and all particulars of the insurance are shown in the schedule.


  1. Assessor
    An assessor appointed by the Insurer to investigate, measure and verify any reported loss or
  1. Crop
    The crop growing in an individual land itemized in the Schedule as being insured under this Policy. The Insured must insure all lands planted with the insured crop.
  1. Crop schedule
    The attachment, which forms part of this Policy, which shows the insured crop; Policy details and the insurance cover.
  1. Date of acceptance
    The date upon which the Insurer accepts the Insured’s correctly completed proposal forms and crop emergence report.
  1. Delay period
    Insurance cover will not commence on the Insured’s crops until seven days after16:00on the date of acceptance or after emergence of the crop whichever is the latest
  • Expiry date
    The completion of harvest or 31 October of each year, whichever is the soonest.
  • Farm
    The area included in any one-land title or any other larger area as accepted by the Insurer.
  • Harvest
    The time, at which the crop has been harvested, reworked, chopped, cut, lifted, picked or gathered in whatever way.
  • Planted area
    The area of each land in hectares excluding headlands and access ways as measured by Global Positioning System (GPS) Equipment and declared by the Insured’s own measured area which should be clearly mapped.
  • Period of insurance
    The period commencing from the date of acceptance (subject to the delay period, where applicable), or crop emergence, whichever is the later, until the expiry date.
  • Sum insured
    The total of all amounts calculated as the planted area multiplied by the agreed value per  tonne, as shown in the Schedule.

All crops as specified in the Schedule the property of the Insured from the time of planting until final delivery to buyers or agent’s depot auction floor or warehouse in Zimbabwe.