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The legal defense costs insurance is a savings fund which offers an affordable way to get a lawyer on your side when you need one. This product provides legal protection for you and your family served by a highly experienced panel of attorneys. It offers clients the legal power to enforce and defend their rights through strong and professional representation whist at the same time they participate in the insurance investment pool.
With this Fund, TristarInsurance will:
Pay your lawyer when you need one.

  • Hire a lawyer for you no matter which town or part of Zimbabwe you live in.
  • Invest a portion of the premiums you pay.
  • Once you become a member, you will be given a card and use it to access approved lawyers in Zimbabwe.

Who is covered
Spouses and Children Benefits
Children are covered until the age of 18years. Upon death of contributing parent or guardian, children shall continue to use the cover for up to two years without paying any premiums for as long as they have not reached 18 years.

Cases covered
This policy will cover legal costs on all criminal and/or civil cases of whatever nature that are brought before the police, tribunal, normal court or any special court set up by the laws of this country except those indicated on below:

  1. Traffic  Offences
  2. Political cases
  3. Murder cases
  4. Rape cases
  5. Robbery cases

The policy shall not cover claims arising as a result of using a non- registered and unqualified lawyer.