Machinery Breakdown

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This policy covers any unforeseen and sudden physical loss of or damage to the insured property (or any part thereof) whilst on the premises by causes such as:

defects in casting, defects in material, faulty design, faults at workshop or in erection, bad workmanship, lack of skill, carelessness, shortage of water in boilers, physical explosion, tearing apart on account of centrifugal force, short Circuit, storm or from any other cause not specifically excluded in terms of any Exception which is applicable to this policy as a whole or to this Section in particular.

The machinery to be insured must be specified and the sum insured must reflect the new replacement value.

Machinery Breakdown Loss of profits
This policy covers loss of revenue if (during the period of insurance) any of the machinery and plant used by the Insured at the Premises for the purpose of the Business be affected by an Accident and the Business carried on by the Insured at the Premises be in consequence thereof interrupted or interfered with provided that:

(a) the machinery and plant shall during the currency of this Section be insured against machinery breakdown;