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This policy covers the vessel and its permanent equipment whilst in commission, laid up out of commission ashore or whilst in transit by road against;

  1. All loss or damage directly caused by external accidental means including stress of weather, stranding, sinking or collision, contact with aircraft, malicious act, fire, self ignition and lightning but excluding theft except provided for in (b), (c) and (d) below.
  2. Theft of the entire vessel including, if stolen with the vessel, the outboard motor and/or launching trolley.
  3. Loss of any part of the insured property due to theft following upon forcible entry into the vessel or place of storage.
  4. Loss or damage to the insured vessel whilst being trailed and/or transported by road conveyance but excluding scratching, bruising or chipping unless caused by an accident whilst in transit.
  5. Loss or damage to the outboard motor(s) as a result of dropping off or falling overboard subject to a warranty that, when the vessel is in use, the outboard motor(s) are securely attached to it at all times by means of either bolts or galvanized steel chain or terylene rope in addition to its normal method or attachment.

The policy can also be extended to cover liabilities to Third Parties as well as passenger liabilities